TenebrisPlay Events

Welcome to TenebrisPlay - website of the geeky nerd-babies of TenebrisPlay on Youtube, Twitch and D-Tube.  

Here we host reviews, articles and archived videos about the things we love - video games, tabletop games and Dungeons & Dragons! 


We love what we do...

...we want other people to love it too

Gaming can be one of the most social, inclusive and fulfilling things anyone will take part in but there's still a huge stigma regarding anything 'geeky' or 'nerdy'.  We love to play tabletop, D & D and videogames and if we can spread that love, we're happy.  If you want us to give a talk about gaming, great - but we won't be held responsible for talking your ear off!

We don't charge to go to events, we don't charge for people to play and we are a very varied group of people - we have also ran games with a huge assortment of people, including those with autism, aspergers, and many other conditions.  We want everyone to have some fun so please feel free to contact us if you would like us at an event.  

As we said, we don't charge but if you're out of our range due to travel time or travel costs, contact us anyway - we may be able to find people in your area willing to help.  If you do book us, know that we're insured and that the group leaders have had advanced DBS (what used to be CRB) checks.  If we can make it, we ask for space for the game or talk and free entry for the group members going if it's a paid for event.  If you can give us kettle access we'll love you forever!